ABOUT ME personally…and being „TRINITY“ …

First of all … because that´s probably why you came here … about MY FETISH. My fetish is not an acted and staged showoff for just the sake of running a commercial fetish website. There are so many sites out there anyway so that the world has not been waiting for just another one with booked models acting and showing whatever they are being paid for without the “real feel” for it.

My site is not a job profession for me, although we try to make everything look and feel professionally .. good … exciting but still its homemade real stuff. If you already know me yet – maybe you have been a member once – you are already convinced that in my case it’s a real fetish – because you have seen my movies and photos. If you happen to pass by my site for the first time or already have been here several times collecting freebies (tssss...) then just be assured of the fact that I am having sex in a “clothed fetish way” since about I am having sex at all. – be it alone or with a partner.

At the end of 1999 we decided to “just put it online” because we have already been aware of a internet fetish scene . I love many fabrics, clothing types and styles, looks and characters. … formal, strict, nasty, kinky, shy, slutty … whatever attitude .. I love to roleplay characters along with the matching outfit. Blouses (satin, silk, ruffled, bowtie ones etc), pantyhose, stockings, scarves, suits, formal and executive apparel, satin and silk lingerie and panties, skirts (long ones, pencil type, very short and slutty ones etc.) – I love to wear them and I love to do kinky things in those …. One time its just making a expensive silk panty crotchless and “playing with myself – another time it might be dressing up entirely like a buttoned up formal teacher or office executive and have SEX in all my clothing without even taking one thing off ….

So you´ll get FETISH on my site .. lots of fetish, no BDSM, gag-ball kind of fetish (kinky too but not my kind) but lots of details as hard nipples in tight satin blouses, shiny seethru pantyhose, multi-layer fabrics shimmering thru each other, downblouse and upskirt shots, buttons (and un-buttons ..smile), cum on clothes, POV hardcore action all dressed up, a little “watersports” sometimes, WAM, there is so many about it and even I am still learning and exploring more from my members feedback and stuff that I am being sent for custom requests.



Nationality: German, born from Greek parents

Age: young enough to be GIRLIEish, old enough to be a MILF

Current homecountry: Spain

Height: 165 cm, 5ft 5”

Bust size: 34 D

Feet: european 36, US 6

Clothes size: European 34 / 34-36 depending on what brand it is


FAN infos, FREE teasers, background stories, kinky reading ... cum to BED WITH ME on my BLOG :


Hobbies: I am not a professional adult model, I have another job in my life that consumes a lot of time, working on my website content takes time too but every day I spend time with my 2 dogs and I try to go to the gym at least some times each week. So that´s about it about hobbies …. Nothing exciting …. but yes, I love animals and I am involved a little in animal rescue. I don´t drink (alcohol), I don´t smoke … to be honest … I smoked for some of my photos sets but that was about the only thing staged so far on my site … I even CUM for real, whenever you see or hear it – I promise ….

So– if you aren´t already an addict – give it a try …. browse around, check the freebies and then, believe me, I will well-CUM you as a member.

xoxo Trinity

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